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Operation Baby Rescue

At the beginning of the year, we set an ambitious goal to rescue 1,000 babies in 2013. And you responded . . . already making it possible to fund 880 rescues! But the need is still great . . .

You can help rescue 120 babies by the end of the year simply by using your gifts, talents, and resources. Consider creating a fundraising page, hosting an event to spread the word to your community, or supporting the cost of a baby rescue.

This Christmas, we want to reach our goal. We want to accomplish something great. We want to save the lives of 1,000 children. And we need your help to make this possible.

Learn more about what the cost of a rescue includes by visiting worldhelp.net/rescue.

It’s time to get started!

Begin by following the three simple steps below.

Step 1: Create a Page
This will take only about five minutes of your time and will give you a customized page to track progress towards your own personal fundraising goal. Be personal. Explain why you are excited about this cause and reaching your goal! People who sense your excitement and personal investment will be more eager to give to your campaign.

Also, be sure to create a unique URL—something short, and easy to remember so that you can share it quickly and clearly with your supporters.

Here’s an example: rescue.worldhelp.net/Noel

Step 2: Spread the Word
Now that you've created your own fundraising page, it’s time to share your campaign with friends and family. Use your own networks of influence to spread the word through social media, e-mail, and even in this year’s Christmas cards. Be intentional and creative—you can’t go wrong!

Step 3: Update Your Supporters
The level of communication you maintain with your supporters directly correlates with keeping your campaign momentum. If you’re halfway to your goal, let your supporters know! Providing frequent updates will remind your audience that you take what you’re doing seriously, and you’re striving to reach your goal.

When you’ve reached your goal, celebrate! Be sure to thank those who have helped you along the way as you have just rescued a life or lives together!

Again, thank you for joining the Operation Baby Rescue campaign. If you have any technical support issues, feel free to reach out to our friends at CauseVox (they helped us build this platform) by emailing support@causevox.com. Thanks!

- the OBR Campaign Team

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Dale Harper $50.00
Collazo Family $770.00
J&D J&D $42.00
Jason & Darlene Jason & Darlene $35.00
Jason & Darlene Jason & Darlene $50.00
Jason & Darlene Jason & Darlene $50.00
Sasha and Nathanael Breeden $160.00
Darlene & Jason Darlene & Jason $40.00
Anonymous Donor $400.00
Margaret Chavis $400.00
Hope for Guatemala $157.00
Darlene & Jason Collazo $60.00
Sasha Breeden $165.00
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Anonymous Donor $160.00
ChickFilA Chester, VA $100.00
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Darlene Collazo $40.00
Anonymous Donor $200.00
Anonymous Donor $1500.00
Weston, Hannah, and Tate Jones $30.00
Harold & Jenny Best $20.00
Lauren and Kevin Glover $15.00
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Jennifer & Robbie Rogers $25.00
Andrea Wardle $10.00
Brandon and Tiffany Thompson $10.00
Anonymous Donor $160.00
Mathias Pastore $100.00
Kyle and Beth Perkins $50.00
Tasha Kelty $25.00
Kelsi Brown $10.00
Joe Kelly Johnson $100.00
Josh & Lynde Landis $200.00
Lindsay & Andrew Franklin $100.00 In honor of my three healthy girls!
Adam and Kelly Gray $100.00
Josh & Audrey Myers $250.00
Jessica Sanders $30.00
Kimberly Clark $20.00 God Bless!
Katie Lewis $100.00
alicia brown $100.00 Yay for rescued babies!!
Anonymous Donor $15.00
Ben, Ali & Olivia Nunery $250.00
Marty & Stacy McNear $50.00
Brooke Benningfield $100.00
Carli T $20.00
Alissa Jones $50.00
Austin Marie & Tucker Dean $100.00
Lindsay Gribbins $20.00
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